Just Burel was born in 2019, we want to reinvent the use of wool fabrics, namely Burel, creating unique and exclusive products.

It is a Portuguese registered brand of casual footwear that uses 100% wool fabrics as its main raw material, produced by hand in the Serra da Estrela region.

The project started in 2019 with the desire to reinvent the use of wool fabrics.

It is a family project of the 3rd generation of a family from Covilhã with connections to textiles. Our professional connection to the wool, footwear and technical textiles industry increased our willingness to undertake, innovate and start this project with the aim of giving a different use to a genuinely Portuguese material that over time was only used in the manufacture of clothing. .

Taking advantage of the high quality and Portuguese tradition of footwear and headwear manufacturing, Just Burel products are produced by artisans with decades of experience where each piece produced is unique and exclusive.

Inside the shoe, a technical textile (microfiber) is used, which allows a high degree of comfort with a temperature regulating effect, sweat does not accumulate inside the shoe as the microfiber promotes its evaporation so that the foot is always dry.